Man gets just under six years in prison for 2015 double killing

A Sedgwick County judge last week sent a 23-year-old man to prison for just under six years for shooting three people he thought were trying to collect drug money from him. Ray’s defense attorney, Sal Intagliata…said Ray fired at the three men because he feared they were after him for money, drugs, revenge or his life… Prosecutors had asked the judge to order Ray serve about 4 1/2 years more time than he was given…

Dan Monnat and Trevor Riddle Win “Not Guilty on All Counts” Verdict for Western Kansas Man Accused in Accidental Death of Natalie Pickle

DODGE CITY, Kan. — A jury of 12 Ford County citizens concluded that Brock Cunningham is not guilty of any crime in connection with young Natalie Pickle’s accidental death, said Cunningham’s defense attorneys Dan Monnat and Trevor Riddle. “Their verdict is consistent with what we have said from the beginning: Natalie Pickle died from a tragic, accidental fall; Brock Cunningham is not guilty,” Riddle said.

Sedgwick County Prosecutors Drop Charges Against Detention Deputy

Prosecutors have dismissed charges against a Sedgwick County detention deputy accused of fondling two male inmates. The deputy’s defense attorney, Sal Intagliata said: “James Conklin honorably served his department and his community for almost 20 years… He and his family appreciate the willingness of the District Attorney’s Office to listen and review his case closely and … that office’s decision to dismiss the case. It was the right decision….”

Former Garden Plain Coach Found Not Guilty On Two Counts, Impasse On Third

“The greatest gift that we can give each other as human beings is understanding,” said defense attorney Dan Monnat. “Todd Puetz and his family are very grateful to these courageous jurors….” A Sedgwick County jury found the former high school football coach not guilty on two of the three counts against him….

Wichita Man Acquitted Of Sex-Sting Charges

In the first case arising out of a sex-sting operation conducted in October 2011, a jury has found a Wichita man not guilty of any crime…”It was obvious… an innocent man was entrapped in a government net that had simply been cast too wide,” said Trevor Riddle, Miller’s defense attorney.

Four Years Later, Arrest Made in Dodge City Girl’s Death

“The death of young Natalie Pickle was a tragic loss,” said attorney Dan Monnat, who represents Brock Cunningham, arrested on suspicion of first degree murder and child abuse. “Brock tried to save Natalie’s life that night. He has cooperated with law enforcement… he’s innocent and will proceed to jury trial…”

Doctor Pleads No Contest in Accident Where He Drove With Body On Car

Sarrafizadeh’s lawyer, Dan Monnat, maintained during the case that the doctor, who surrendered his medical license, suffered a stroke that morning and said that respected physicians “have regarded the evidence and the testing as sufficient…”

NY Times: Jurors Acquit Kansas Doctor in a Late-Term Abortion Case

After years of investigations and four days of testimony, jurors here took just 45 minutes on Friday to acquit a controversial abortion doctor. “It’s been a long ordeal for his patients, Dr. Tiller and his family,” the lead defense lawyer, Dan Monnat said…