FF12 investigates inconsistences in records of man who conducted hundreds of autopsies in Kansas

WICHITA – A forensic pathologist who once worked for the Sedgwick County Forensic Science Center conducted hundreds of autopsies for murders, suicides…even testifying as an expert witness… but inconsistencies have recently raised questions about his credibility and what should be done about it years after the fact. Dan Monnat suggests authorities should, “Organize a panel to review all the cases in which the suspect expert testified and review them to see if there are convictions that ought to be set aside… it certainly seems like this should be reviewed by a prosecutorial authority….”

So-called tax gap plan could let the IRS look into any account with as little as $600

The IRS wants to increase funding by $80 billion to go after tax cheats, but some say it could open your account and transactions to the IRS if you have as little as $600 in any account. Dan Monnat tells KSNW TV, “For 45 years, Americans have not had much right of privacy in their [they] willingly place in the hands of a third party like a bank,” but Monnat says that may not hold in the future….

Is the federal vaccine mandate constitutional? Local lawyers weigh in

President Biden’s federal vaccine mandate is getting both backlash and praise. “Constitutionally, it is uncontroversial,” attorney Dan Monnat tells KAKE TV…. “The federal government, as employer or contractor, has the same right as private businesses to impose non-invidiously discriminatory conditions upon its employees, particularly where they are designed to promote the public health.”

USD 308 Hutchinson scrambles to recover live stream of BOE meeting after Facebook takes it down

Facebook took down USD 308’s Board of Education meeting from Monday, where the board voted to mandate masks for all schools in the district. The district suggests they have been censored by Facebook, but Wichita criminal defense attorney Dan Monnat says, “So far, the United States Supreme Court has not held that Facebook has come to carry on such a public function that censorship becomes denied to it.”

Could vaccination requirements catch on in Wichita?

A couple of Kansas City bars are now requiring proof of vaccination. Could that idea catch on here in Wichita? KSN Legal Analyst Dan Monnat says, “Generally, businesses may require their customers to demonstrate proof of vaccination, and no one should worry that these requirements somehow constitute a violation of HIPPA.”

Wichita police arrest man in stalking investigation after he allegedly puts GPS tracking device on vehicle

The Wichita Police Department arrested 57-year-old Ed Harrington of Sedgwick on suspicion of stalking, auto burglary, theft, and violation of a protection order after a woman reported that Harrington, a person known to her, had placed a GPS tracking device on her vehicle. Dan Monnat tells KSN, “The Kansas statute on stalking specifically includes in that course of conduct, the placement of a device on a targeted person’s property….”

Carr brothers case back in court, Sedgwick County DA Marc Bennett releases statement

The case involving two brothers convicted in a crime spree in December 2000 in Wichita that left five people dead was the focus of arguments in the Kansas Supreme Court. KSN Legal Analyst Dan Monnat says the proceedings are not swift in death penalty phase arguments. “When the government seeks the ultimate penalty,” said Monnat, “the ultimate degree of care must be given to the human being involved.”

With new CDC mask guidelines, can businesses require proof of vaccination? Local expert says yes.

Private businesses have always had the right to impose non-invidiously discriminatory requirements upon their customers, says Wichita lawyer Dan Monnat. “Businesses have every right to enforce the new guidelines by asking customers who don’t want to wear masks to show proof of vaccination. I think it gets complicated if a business wants to refuse service to someone who cannot be vaccinated because of a disability….”

Sedgwick County businesses to make own decisions on mask requirements

Even without a mask mandate in Sedgwick County, individual businesses can still require the safety measures and deny service to those who won’t comply. “Private businesses have always had the right to impose non-discriminatory requirements on their customers,” Dan Monnat tells KWCH TV. He says if you don’t comply with a business’s rules, you could face penalties…