Carr brothers case back in court, Sedgwick County DA Marc Bennett releases statement

The case involving two brothers convicted in a crime spree in December 2000 in Wichita that left five people dead was the focus of arguments in the Kansas Supreme Court. KSN Legal Analyst Dan Monnat says the proceedings are not swift in death penalty phase arguments. “When the government seeks the ultimate penalty,” said Monnat, “the ultimate degree of care must be given to the human being involved.”

With new CDC mask guidelines, can businesses require proof of vaccination? Local expert says yes.

Private businesses have always had the right to impose non-invidiously discriminatory requirements upon their customers, says Wichita lawyer Dan Monnat. “Businesses have every right to enforce the new guidelines by asking customers who don’t want to wear masks to show proof of vaccination. I think it gets complicated if a business wants to refuse service to someone who cannot be vaccinated because of a disability….”

Sedgwick County businesses to make own decisions on mask requirements

Even without a mask mandate in Sedgwick County, individual businesses can still require the safety measures and deny service to those who won’t comply. “Private businesses have always had the right to impose non-discriminatory requirements on their customers,” Dan Monnat tells KWCH TV. He says if you don’t comply with a business’s rules, you could face penalties…

Sedgwick County health officer signs new health order after bars break curfew

WICHITA – After area bars broke curfew, Sedgwick County’s Local Health Officer Dr. Garold Minns signed a new emergency public health order that “takes some of the ambiguity out of the enforcement provisions,” attorney Dan Monnat tells KSNW TV. “Compliance is mandatory and failure to comply may now be enforced by criminal charges and such regulatory or licensing penalties….”

What businesses can legally do if customers refuse to wear a mask

Under local mandates, businesses must require masks for employees and customers who can’t maintain social distancing…but what can business owners legally do with customers who refuse to wear a face-covering? Dan Monnat tells KAKE TV, “When the person refuses to wear a mask, they’re refusing to obey the law. The business owner is within his or her rights to order them to leave. If they refuse to leave and thereby interfere with the business, they may have committed the crime of criminal trespass or interference with the lawful conduct of business….”

Police: Burglary call ends with two teens shot

Police said a Wichita man shot two people outside his home around 2 am Monday. He apparently heard the two talking about targeting his home. When they pulled into his driveway, he yelled at them before firing. Attorney Dan Monnat tells KAKE TV, “A person is presumed to have justification for using deadly force whenever it’s used to prevent or terminate an aggressor’s unlawful entry into a home. Now, if they’re in the driveway, is that what the law considers a dwelling? Every case depends upon its specific facts….”

Proposed law would increase the penalty for assaulting sports referees in Kansas

WICHITA – A new proposed bill would put sports officials under similar protections that police officers and judges have against assault and battery in Kansas. Teon Wilson has been reffing for years, and Wednesday was the Holy War between Kapaun and Bishop Carroll. He said sometimes the games can be a lose-lose. “No matter what…

Sheriff’s K-9 gets loose, bites teenager

WICHITA – A Wichita teenager is recovering after being bitten in the face by a Sedgwick County Sheriff K-9. The dog, which had no ID saying it was a sheriff’s K-9, got out of his enclosure and was taken in by a family. Dan Monnat tells KSNW TV the owner of the dog should be the one paying a consequence, or at least a medical bill….