Sheriff’s K-9 gets loose, bites teenager

WICHITA – A Wichita teenager is recovering after being bitten in the face by a Sedgwick County Sheriff K-9. The dog, which had no ID saying it was a sheriff’s K-9, got out of his enclosure and was taken in by a family. Dan Monnat tells KSNW TV the owner of the dog should be the one paying a consequence, or at least a medical bill….

Police: Fetus found along a sandbar in Arkansas River

WICHITA – Wichita police said a fetus was discovered in a box on Sunday in south Wichita. Defense attorney Dan Monnat tells KSN News the current investigation is in line with the law because, “so far there is no evidence to rule out miscarriage, accident or natural causes….”

Wichita police arrest mother after 2-year-old girl found safe

Wichita police say they have found a 2-year-old girl safe and arrested her mother
for felony interference with law enforcement (false information concerning death or disappearance of a child). Attorney Dan Monnat says interfering with law enforcement officers can be serious, because “hundreds of person hours and thousands of taxpayer dollars can be spent during a wild goose chase. People who make false statements… risk wrecking the system.”

March Madness bracket betting

The NCAA tournament started Thursday around the country and people are placing bets on their brackets to win money. However, Dan Monnat tells KAKE TV, most people don’t know gambling like this is illegal in Kansas. Regardless of if it’s on a website in a state where it’s legal, or between friends, Monnat says, “If they do it in Kansas, it’s illegal, and if somebody participates in it from Kansas, it’s illegal….”

Wichita salons say mystery shopper making owners, customers uncomfortable

Multiple salons in Wichita have filed police reports about a man they say has been behaving inappropriately. Police are looking into the matter, but defense attorney Dan Monnat tells KSN News, “What one person imagines is underneath another person’s clothing is, by legal definition, not a public exposure. Therefore, this accused behavior cannot be prosecuted as a violation of the lewd and lascivious behavior law….”

No statute, no hate crime

Questions still remain about charges filed against a man accused of kicking a toddler and yelling racial slurs in a grocery store. It may seem like a hate crime, but criminal defense lawyer Dan Monnat with Monnat & Spurrier Chartered said it’s not that cut and dried….

Employee of neighboring business reacts to deadly south Wichita shooting

Wichita police say a 16-year-old robbery suspect died after being shot by an armed citizen during a robbery at a convenience store. Under Kansas law, a person is justified in standing their ground and using deadly force if the person reasonably believes such force is needed to prevent imminent death or great bodily harm to themselves or someone else. KSN Legal Expert Dan Monnat says, “If a person is justified in using force in that fashion, the person, under Kansas law, is immune from prosecution….”

Pranking, booby trapping Porch Pirates could land you in jail

It is frustrating when a Porch Pirate has the audacity to steal from you but attempting to prank would-be thieves is a bad idea. “Property owners are too angry, too biased, and too invested to fairly mete out how much punishment is due the thief or trespassers,” Dan Monnat tells KSN TV. Worse, the prankster could face a potential endangerment charge…

Convicted murderer asks for new evidence

Convicted murderer Elgin Robinson is asking the Kansas Supreme Court for new evidence of whether the detective in his case was on the Brady/Giglio list at the time of the investigation, thereby potentially compromising the detective’s testimony. KSN Legal Analyst Dan Monnat says, “If law enforcement or the prosecution had evidence about police misconduct or the motivations for which witnesses might lie, or evidence that contradicted other prosecution witnesses and they failed to turn it over to the defense, that was a constitutional violation and Mr. Robinson could get a new trial….”

Why charges took so long in Dalrymple case

WICHITA – James Dalrymple was taken into custody the night of a crash that killed Wichita police officer, Stacy Woodson and his son, Braeden, but it wasn’t until this week, six months later, that charges were filed. Legal analyst Dan Monnat tells KSNW TV, “The prosecution has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that indeed the accused committed the offense of operating a vehicle under the influence of alcohol, drugs or both….”