WICHITA – Kansas City is starting a mask mandate and a couple of bars there are now requiring proof of vaccination at the door. Could that idea catch on here in Wichita?

“Generally, businesses may require their customers to demonstrate proof of vaccination,” said KSN Legal Analyst Dan Monnat. “And no one should worry that these requirements somehow constitute a violation of HIPPA.”

KSN News asked local bars and other businesses about possible vaccination proof at the door.

“I think it would be very uncomfortable with political attitudes about the vaccination,” said Phil Haase with Club Billiards in Delano.

Other businesses say many are in the process of still figuring out the pandemic and what customers will and will not tolerate.

“I think it’s an interesting idea. I feel like it would freak people out,” said Katie Rob with Leslie Coffee Company in Delano. “Obviously, they will be like their freedoms are being taken away.”

Leslie Coffee Company was one of the last Wichita businesses to remove its own mask requirement.

“We made our decision to not require masks once the CDC said it was no longer required,” said Rob. “But to require proof of vaccination? I don’t know if we would ever do anything like that. I don’t think that we probably would.”

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