KS Abortion Insurance Bill Lives Again, Passes

“This Kansas legislation has to be examined for unconstitutional gender discrimination in violation of the equal protection clause,” explains legal analyst Dan Monnat. “The Kansas legislature has singled out a medical procedure that only a woman can need and then cut off access to it based solely on emotional, religious and political considerations.”

CBS News 48 Hours: Justice in the Heartland

…”other people, unknown to any of us, had a motivation to get rid of his body and dispose of it to protect their drug-dealing enterprise,” Defense Attorney Dan Monnat told the court….

Jury: Tiller Not Guilty on All Counts

WICHITA, Kansas  It took years to bring the case to trial, but it took a jury less than an hour of deliberating to find Dr. George Tiller not guilty of the 19 charges he faced for allegedly breaking Kansas’ late-term abortion law. We have just been looking for someone brave enough to say ‘this has…