It’s been nearly four months since the arrest of a former Wichita Police Sergeant accused of child sex crimes, but there has yet to be a case filed against him.

It was big news back in January when Alex Robinson was arrested. First, he has been a career law enforcement officer, retiring as a Sergeant on the Wichita Police force in 2006. He then took a job as a security supervisor with Wichita Public Schools, a position he remains on paid leave from.

Detectives were called in over a holiday weekend to begin investigating, after a 24 year-old man said he had been abused by Robinson 12 years ago.

At his downtown Wichita law office, criminal defense attorney Dan Monnat said a number of things are likely hindering the case.

“The accusation was not made until almost 12 years after it supposedly happened,” Monnat said. “That will seriously hinder law enforcement officers in tracking down and interviewing other possible witnesses to the alleged event.”

Monnat also says it’s not uncommon for months to go by in cases like this before charges are filed.

“Memories fade, particularly with children,” Monnat said. “And now we’re trying to interview adults who may have witnessed things, or not witnessed things, 10-12 years ago when they were much younger children.”

Robinson was a board member with the mentoring group “Real Men, Real Heroes,” a position he was relieved of when the accusation surfaced.

After the allegations, Robinson was arrested and booked into jail for two counts of aggravated criminal sodomy and four counts of aggravated indecent liberties with a child. He bonded out and currently remains free pending this investigation.

The Wichita Police Department and Sedgwick County District Attorney’s office declined to comment for this story, saying it’s an open investigation.

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