WICHITA — A hearing for the Carr brothers is scheduled to take place Monday. Jonathan and Reginald Carr are seeking to be re-sentenced for several murders in a weeklong crime spree in 2000. The brothers were found guilty of abusing and terrorizing five people, killing Aaron Sander, Brad Heyka, Heather Muller and Jason Befort. They also killed Ann Walenta in a separate incident.

The case has a long history of appeals and has been heard in front of the Kansas and U.S. Supreme Court. Along the way some of the charges the brothers faced have been vacated voided or reversed.

Initially, the brothers were tried and convicted of capital murder together, which is what their attorneys are now trying to change. Attorneys representing each brother have filed for resentencing, but this time they want it done separately.

Defense attorney Dan Monnat, who is not involved with the case, says cases like this one need to be handled the right way.

“Is all that necessary in a death penalty case? Absolutely,” said Monnat. “Whenever government anywhere seeks to render the ultimate penalty, the ultimate degree of care and fairness must be assured.”

Monday’s hearing is considered a status conference to determine the next steps for the attorneys to argue the motion for a new sentencing hearing. The state has filed responsive pleadings in each case opposing the request.

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