Dan Monnat for the Supreme Court?

Merrick Garland hasn’t exactly had resounding support as President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, but Wichita’s Dan Monnat has had a nice plug for the job. The attorney’s former law professor, retired Creighton University professor Richard Shugrue, wrote an article about the selection process for Omaha’s Daily Record, a legal and business news publication. In it,…

Jury finds Dodge City man not guilty in 3-year-old’s death

DODGE CITY – A Dodge City man has been found not guilty in the death of a 3-year-old girl. “We are deeply grateful for the commitment and wisdom of the jury who delivered Brock’s not-guilty verdict, and to everyone in the community who has supported Brock,” said Dan Monnat, a Wichita attorney who, along with attorney Trevor Riddle, defended Cunningham…

Wichita murder case, child sex crimes allegations collide

WICHITA – A key witness in a pending child sex crimes case against a former Wichita police sergeant was charged with rape, sodomy and murder, raising questions about how each case might affect the other. “Nothing about the criminal justice system is black or white,” says defense attorney Dan Monnat…. “There is no category of crime or person beyond complexity or question, which is why we have to presume every accused person innocent and test all accusations by the highest standard of proof.”

Cunningham defense tills ground to admit polygraph results

A motion to file polygraph evidence in defense of Brock Cunningham and a series of anonymous tips caused a temporary stir in the proceedings. The attorney representing Brock Cunningham against the state’s accusation of the murder and abuse of 3-year-old Natalie Pickle filed a motion to admit two polygraph, or “lie detector,” exams in defense…

Ketner Takes Plea Deal, Probation

DODGE City, Kan. — Dodge City pastor Jerrold Wayne Ketner pled guilty to a single count of aggravated sexual battery as part of a plea agreement with the state that dropped six other felony charges, including rape and attempted rape. “Dr. Ketner has accepted responsibility,” Ketner’s attorney Sal Intagliata said, pointing out the number of supporters in the courtroom which he said have helped and will continue to help Ketner meet the conditions of his probation.

Wichita Defendant Becomes Face of Anti-terror Bill

A Wichita defendant has become the justification for a bill to broaden Kansas’ civil and criminal anti-terrorism statutes. But the action is premature, says legal analyst Dan Monnat: “I’m always disheartened when I hear American government officials ignoring our time-honored presumption of innocence and right to a fair trial…”

Court Reverses Itself on Drug Tax Stamp Law in Kansas

A drug tax-stamp law that has been on the state’s books for more than 25 years lost some of its teeth when the Kansas Supreme Court ruled that a defendant who has been convicted of possession of marijuana can’t be convicted of possessing the same marijuana without a tax stamp. According to Dan Monnat, the Court’s rare reversal says “you can’t be convicted of both possession of a drug and possession of the same drug without a tax stamp.”