DERBY, Kan. – According to a spokesperson from the Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office, the mother killed in Saturday’s shooting in Derby had an active protection from abuse order against her husband, Randy Gile.

Authorities believe 33-year-old, Randy Gile shot at his father-in-law causing minor injuries and then shot and killed his wife, Kristin Gile before turning the gun on himself.

Kristin’s family has said that she was trying to escape an abusive relationship.

Court documents show at least two protection from abuse (PFA) orders were filed against Randy Gile.

One was on July 31, 2016 and the other was active on the day Kristin was killed.

Police records also show that Randy Gile was arrested on September 16, 2018 on suspicion of seven counts of aggravated assault and one count of criminal threat.

There was also a report made to Wichita police alleging child endangerment on the same day.

Trevor Riddle, a Wichita attorney, said PFAs are typically issued for one year.

“In Sedgwick County, the petitions are granted on an emergency basis,” Riddle said.

Kristin’s family said she had no idea her husband was out of jail.

Riddle said there’s no requirement that victims be notified when a suspect is released.

“In Kansas, victims of crimes have a constitutional and statutory right to be notified of things like court appearances of the defendant,” Riddle said. “That constitutional and statutory right does not mandate that crime victims be notified when their assailant is released from jail.”

The Sedgwick County Sheriff’s Office said there is a program called Vine Link where victims can sign up to be alerted when someone is released from jail but couldn’t say if Kristin Gile had signed up for the service.

Divorce proceedings between Kristin and Randy Gile had been started back in 2016, but were not completed.

KSN is reaching out to find out more specifics about the PFA orders. Those documents were not available for release because of the national Columbus Day holiday.

For more information about Vine Link and its services to crime victims, click here.

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