Kansas Sperm Donor Fights State on Child Support

The state of Kansas is demanding William Marotta of Topeka help support a lesbian couple’s three-year-old daughter. It’s a first of its kind in Kansas, and “the issue will be whether to follow the letter of the law or to carve out some kind of exception of the law based on the parties’ intent,” Dan Monnat says.

Residents Rights When Confronting Intruders

Authorities in Lyon County are investigating after a homeowner shot an intruder breaking into his home near Neosho Rapids. The shooting has left some asking what their rights are when defending their home or property from intruders.

“Controversial cases like this always create a great hue and cry from the public” says Wichita attorney Dan Monnat…

Legal Analyst Question Random Car Stops for Survey

What’s being proposed here, however, raises I think serious constitutional questions,” says Legal Expert Dan Monnat of Wichita. Monnat says DUI check lanes have been ruled legal on the Supreme Court level.

Supreme Court Overturns Conviction in Sheriff Death

“So far the Kansas courts have reviewed seven capital convictions, and reversed seven capital convictions,” says Legal Analyst and Wichita attorney Dan Monnat. “Mr. Cheever was originally asked by the court to talk when it was thought he would be going after mental defense. But he never made mental defense. That clearly violated Mr. Cheever’s 5th amendment right not to be compelled to be a witness against himself….”

Homeowners Forced To Sell

“The power of eminent domain is often a sad hardship on families who have understandable historical and emotional attachments to their homes,” explains legal analyst Dan Monnat.

Kansas Man Sues Facebook Over Privacy Issues

A Kansas man has sued Facebook, claiming the social media company violated wiretap laws with a tracking cookie that records users’ web browsing history after they log off the site. According to KSN Legal Expert Dan Monnat, “the plaintiffs in this case are likely to have an uphill battle….

KS Abortion Insurance Bill Lives Again, Passes

“This Kansas legislation has to be examined for unconstitutional gender discrimination in violation of the equal protection clause,” explains legal analyst Dan Monnat. “The Kansas legislature has singled out a medical procedure that only a woman can need and then cut off access to it based solely on emotional, religious and political considerations.”