Brownback orders funding to Planned Parenthood cut

Gov. Sam Brownback has ordered all state funds to Planned Parenthood be cut, but KSN Legal Expert Dan Monnat says, “Whether the Governor or the Kansas Department of Health & Environment can successfully defund Planned Parenthood is a question that will have to be fought out in the federal courts…”


Ring in the new year safe, save big $$

Costs can add up quickly if you are accused of a first, second, third or subsequent DUI, Dan Monnat tells KSN News. There is the possibility of jail time, fines ranging from $750 to $2,500 and innumerable costs for treatment… interlock devices…”


Drug check lanes pop up north of Wichita

WICHITA – …So-called drug check lanes have been through the courts and KSN Legal Expert Dan Monnat says drug check lanes are a legal gray area, at best. “Any citizen can be pulled over by a law enforcement officer for an actual petty traffic offense,” he says, but “no law enforcement officer has a right to fabricate a traffic offense that did not occur just to justify a seizure or search…”


FF12: Does legal loophole allow sex offenders to work near kids?

HILLSBORO, Kan. — Parents are upset after learning a convicted sex offender worked in the same building as a daycare. The daycare is inside The Hillsboro Mennonite Brethren Church but the two entities are separate. Legal Analyst Dan Monnat says the legality of the sex offender’s presence near the daycare depends on how often he helped fix items at the daycare. If the visits were regular that would violate Kansas law, but if they were sporadic then they may not violate the law…


Petition for homeless shelter in El Dorado withdrawn

EL DORADO, Kan. – A transitional home for the homeless will not be built in El Dorado, after nearby property owners protested. KSN Legal Analyst Dan Monnat says, “Homeowners have rights with respect to their neighbors under existing zoning laws… but such laws can’t be used as instruments of discrimination…”


Wellington mother accused of killing son still awaits mental evaluation

WELLINGTON, Kan. – A Wellington mother accused of brutally murdering her 10-year-old son, made an appearance in court Thursday regarding her competency, although a mental evaluation has yet to take place. KSN Legal Analyst Dan Monnat says, “Whenever competency proceedings are pending, [speedy trial]… time is suspended …while the person is evaluated and competency is determined.”


Tracking college student behavior

WICHITA – There’s a new push by Kansas college students to flag students kicked out of school for things like sexual assault. Defense Attorney Dan Monnat applauds the efforts, but says the better way to flag criminals is for universities to be pro-active in seeking criminal charges against suspects…


Dallas Cowboys’ Randle arrested in Wichita

WICHITA, Kan. — Dallas Cowboys running back and Wichita native Joseph Randle was arrested in Wichita earlier this week, police said. Attorney Dan Monnat tells KAKE TV that because Randle is an NFL star it’s easy for the public to make assumptions about the allegations, but it’s important that, “…when an NFL player is involved, that we or the public, not leap to any conclusion not justified…”