Kansas Supreme Court Reverses Convictions, Life Sentences of Ex-Kansas Police Chief Mike Akins Jr.

Citing prosecutorial misconduct, the Kansas Supreme Court has reversed 15 convictions and two consecutive life sentences of ex-Inman, Kansas, police chief Mike Akins Jr. “Mr. Akins is confident that he will be found not guilty at any new trial,” said his lawyer, Dan Monnat. The Akins’ decision was Monnat’s “fourth reversal of a life sentence for sex offenses under Jessica’s Law…”


Sex Convictions of Former Inman Police Chief Overturned by Kansas Supreme Court

The Kansas Supreme Court reversed a former Inman police chief’s convictions on sexual abuse charges Friday, and a new trial was ordered…. In the appeal, Akins attorney, Dan Monnat, alleged the assistant attorney general who prosecuted the case… made several errors that denied Akins a fair trial, saying the prosecutor “posed as her own unsworn psuedo-psychological expert….”


Was Wichita Airport Bomb Suspect a Victim of Entrapment?

Wichita defense lawyer Dan Monnat says entrapment involves two elements: law enforcement inducing someone to commit a crime, and the person having no predisposition to commit the crime….“The defense of entrapment reflects the sound public policy that it is unconscionable for government officers to ensnare the innocent and law-abiding into the commission of crime,” Monnat said. Entrapment exists when the criminal idea originates with government agents instead of the accused and when the accused is persuaded by the officers to commit the crime, he said.


Undercover Stings Used to Fight Domestic Terrorism

Though not representing alleged terrorist Terry Lee Loewen, Dan Monnat’s prominence as a Kansas defense attorney has made him a sought-after source for news media covering the case. In this AP story distributed worldwide, Monnat says the 21-page criminal complaint against Loewen doesn’t contain enough information to find his guilt or evidence of FBI entrapment. But he questioned the FBI’s tactics.


Monnat & Spurrier, Chartered Ranked Among Best Law Firms As Rated by U.S. News & World Report – Best Lawyers

Monnat & Spurrier, Chartered Ranked Among Best Law Firms
As Rated by U.S. News & World Report – Best Lawyers

“Best Law Firms” – a listing produced by U.S. News & World Report and Best Lawyers – has ranked Monnat & Spurrier, Chartered among the Best Law Firms in this metropolitan region in two categories:

• Appellate Practice
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Sedgwick County Prosecutors Drop Charges Against Detention Deputy

Prosecutors have dismissed charges against a Sedgwick County detention deputy accused of fondling two male inmates. The deputy’s defense attorney, Sal Intagliata said: “James Conklin honorably served his department and his community for almost 20 years… He and his family appreciate the willingness of the District Attorney’s Office to listen and review his case closely and … that office’s decision to dismiss the case. It was the right decision….”


Sources: Derby Man’s Sex Crime Against Boy Unrelated to Church Role

A Derby man’s sex crime against a 5-year-old boy was unrelated to a youth soccer program the man had coordinated, the child’s mother said Thursday. Knabe’s defense attorney, Trevor Riddle, said: “The allegations against Mr. Knabe in this case had nothing to do, nor any connection, with his church nor with his participation in any church activities. This case is now resolved, and we would ask everyone to respect the privacy of those involved.”


Ex-Coach Won’t Go To Jail In Solicitation Case

Former Garden Plain football coach Todd Puetz, who was facing a possible sentence of five years in prison for electronic solicitation of a minor, has avoided jail time by reaching a plea agreement with prosecutors. Defense lawyer Dan Monnat said, “After a great deal of consideration, all parties agree this is an appropriate resolution. We are grateful to the Sedgwick County district attorney and the jury for permitting this resolution of the case.”


Justices Allow Police to Take DNA Samples After Arrests

WASHINGTON — Police may take DNA samples from people arrested for serious crimes, the Supreme Court ruled Monday in a 5-4 decision. Dan Monnat, a Wichita defense attorney, said the decision represents “the brave new digital and genetic world we live in…. it burdens most the people for whom the Fourth Amendment ought to be most zealously guarded, that is, people who turn out to be innocent of what they’re arrested for….”


Police Continue Investigation of Newborn Discarded in Trash in January

Authorities say it’s still unclear whether charges will be filed against a teen who discarded her newborn in the trash earlier this year. Local criminal defense lawyer Dan Monnat said while it’s possible charges could be filed against the teen mother or others, “any would suffer from the autopsy’s failure to determine whether the infant was born alive…. Babies and children are fragile and might just as easily be the victims of freak accidents as intentional wrongdoing.”