WICHITA – There’s a new push by Kansas college students to flag students kicked out of school for things like sexual assault.

Student government groups from WSU and six other state schools are hoping to convince the Board of Regents to require student transcripts to track what kind of behavior led to suspension or expulsion making everyone more aware of any potential safety threats on college campuses.

“This year, national headlines have been focused on sexual assault and what universities can do to prevent that and create a better, safer environment,” said Matthew Conklin, WSU Student Body President.

For the Student Advisory Committee that includes disclosure of just what led to the student’s expulsion or suspension.

“It’s risk assessment, its risk management,” said Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Wade Robinson. “For us it’s simply about knowing the background of the students and being fully informed about what they’re bringing to the campus.”

If approved the student’s transcript would make it clear why someone was punished for a non-academic violation, whether it was for sexual assault, threats, or violence.  It would also require written approval from the Chief of Student Affairs Officer at each school.

Defense Attorney Dan Monnat applauds the efforts being made, but says the better way to flag criminals is for universities to be pro-active in seeking criminal charges against suspects.

“That person will be required to register as a sex offender, something obviously more effective than requiring to be branded on a college transcript.” Monnat said.

For students like Conklin, he hopes this is the start of a much-needed discussion.

“We want to be proactive in Kansas, bringing this to the highest level of governance we can, and kind of set an example,” he said.

Right now the coalition of student governments is working to approve the resolution, so they can pass it on to the Board of Regents for their consideration

KSNW TV – By Lindsay Cobb