Proposed law would increase the penalty for assaulting sports referees in Kansas

WICHITA – A new proposed bill would put sports officials under similar protections that police officers and judges have against assault and battery in Kansas. Teon Wilson has been reffing for years, and Wednesday was the Holy War between Kapaun and Bishop Carroll. He said sometimes the games can be a lose-lose. “No matter what…

Monnat named a top regional ‘Super Lawyer’

Dan Monnat, one of the Wichita area’s most noted criminal defense attorneys, has been named a top-10 Super Lawyer for 2019 in Kansas and Missouri by the national ratings service. It’s the second top 10 for Monnat, who has practiced 45 years and lists successful defenses for abortion provider Dr. George Tiller and a man wrongfully accused of being the serial killer known as BTK.

Sheriff’s K-9 gets loose, bites teenager

WICHITA – A Wichita teenager is recovering after being bitten in the face by a Sedgwick County Sheriff K-9. The dog, which had no ID saying it was a sheriff’s K-9, got out of his enclosure and was taken in by a family. Dan Monnat tells KSNW TV the owner of the dog should be the one paying a consequence, or at least a medical bill….

Police: Fetus found along a sandbar in Arkansas River

WICHITA – Wichita police said a fetus was discovered in a box on Sunday in south Wichita. Defense attorney Dan Monnat tells KSN News the current investigation is in line with the law because, “so far there is no evidence to rule out miscarriage, accident or natural causes….”

Dan Monnat Named to the International Who’s Who Legal: Business Crime Defense 2019

WICHITA – Who’s Who Legal: Business Crime Defense 2019 has named Dan Monnat as one of the world’s leading business crime defense attorneys. Earlier this year, Monnat also was named as a leading attorney on the Who’s Who Legal: Government Investigations list. The London-based Who’s Who Legal publishes 34 different guides listing top-rated lawyers and courtroom experts in various sectors of corporate, commercial law, and government investigations.

Wichita police arrest mother after 2-year-old girl found safe

Wichita police say they have found a 2-year-old girl safe and arrested her mother
for felony interference with law enforcement (false information concerning death or disappearance of a child). Attorney Dan Monnat says interfering with law enforcement officers can be serious, because “hundreds of person hours and thousands of taxpayer dollars can be spent during a wild goose chase. People who make false statements… risk wrecking the system.”

Dan Monnat Named to Who’s Who Legal: Investigations 2019

WICHITA – For the third consecutive year, Who’s Who Legal has named Dan Monnat one of the world’s leading practitioners in the Investigations sector. Who’s Who Legal collaborates annually with Global Investigations Review to identify the world’s leading lawyers, forensic accountants and digital forensics experts who assist companies and individuals under investigation by regulatory or law enforcement agencies.

Wichita salons say mystery shopper making owners, customers uncomfortable

Multiple salons in Wichita have filed police reports about a man they say has been behaving inappropriately. Police are looking into the matter, but defense attorney Dan Monnat tells KSN News, “What one person imagines is underneath another person’s clothing is, by legal definition, not a public exposure. Therefore, this accused behavior cannot be prosecuted as a violation of the lewd and lascivious behavior law….”

No statute, no hate crime

Questions still remain about charges filed against a man accused of kicking a toddler and yelling racial slurs in a grocery store. It may seem like a hate crime, but criminal defense lawyer Dan Monnat with Monnat & Spurrier Chartered said it’s not that cut and dried….