‘Kansas Two-Step’ KHP maneuver declared unconstitutional by federal judge

WICHITA – A federal judge ordered the Kansas Highway Patrol to stop using a procedure called the “Kansas Two-Step,” on the grounds that it was a violation of the fourth amendment. Criminal defense attorney Dan Monnat tells KSN TV that when a traffic stop is over, the KHP has a responsibility to let drivers go. Instead, troopers would return the motorist’s license, walk “two steps” away thus ending the traffic stop, then go back to question the driver about another matter…

Dan Monnat Ranked Among Kansas’ Top Litigators For White-Collar Crime & Government Investigations, According to Chambers USA

Chambers USA 2023 has ranked Dan Monnat, co-founder of Monnat & Spurrier, Chartered, among Kansas’ top litigators in the areas of White-Collar Crime and Government Investigations. His practice was cited particularly for work in healthcare and financial investigations. Chambers USA has placed Monnat among the state’s top-tier attorneys in this sector for 13 consecutive years.

Jury selection begins in re-trial of Wichita man after mistrial in April

After a juror in an April murder trial was caught looking up information online about the case, his actions resulted in a mistrial. Now, a second jury is convened and local criminal defense attorney Dan Monnat tells KAKE TV: “Jury selection is the vanguard of your 6th Amendment Constitutional right to be tried by an impartial jury. In the retrial, it is imperative the judge, prosecution and defense to hammer home the rules to the jury…. All here want to emphasize the independent duty of each juror to police themselves and make sure they are not listening to any outside sources….”

Wichita apartment complex promises to give tenants $20 off for 5-star review, is it legal?

A Wichita apartment complex told its tenants they could get $20 off their rent if they leave a five-star review. Attorney Dan Monnat weighs in on whether this crosses the line saying, “Is an influenced… or incentivized… or paid-for… or bribed-for online review in a consumer transaction a fair review? … If it’s a biased, exaggerated, or untrue review, then it may qualify as a deceptive practice…”

Wichita teen charged as adult in fatal Towne East shooting

WICHITA — A teenager accused of killing another teen at Towne East Square last year will be tried as an adult rather than a juvenile, a highly unusual change, according to Wichita defense attorney Dan Monnat. “This juvenile is 17 years old, so he could be treated in a juvenile detention facility until he’s 23, so it’s a maximum six-year sentence. On the other hand, if this juvenile is instead treated as an adult, he is exposed to a possible sentence of life in prison….”

Best of both worlds: Defense attorney by day, rockstar by night

Defense Attorney by Day and Rockstar by night. That’s what KSN-TV calls Dan Monnat, who rocks the lead vocals and drums in a bootleg R&B trio known as The House Band. Dan says there is a common soul between musicians and trial lawyers who share their talents to persuade people about the “epic experiences of life: love, peace, war, sorrow, enthusiasm, celebration, and mourning….

Dan Monnat Listed Among Top 10 of Missouri & Kansas Super Lawyers For Fifth Consecutive Year

WICHITA – For the fifth consecutive year, distinguished criminal defense attorney Dan Monnat, of Monnat & Spurrier, Chartered, has been recognized on the Top 10 List of Missouri & Kansas Super Lawyers. He has been honored among the overall Top 100 of Missouri & Kansas Super Lawyers for 17 years, in recognition of his high-profile criminal defense, white-collar criminal defense, appellate defense and bet-the-company litigation.

Wichita attorney explains state impact from federal marijuana pardons

President Joe Biden is pardoning thousands of Americans convicted of “simple possession” of marijuana under federal law. 12 News spoke with criminal defense attorney Dan Monnat to gain perspective on what kind of impact this could have on Kansas, where Monnat says “far less than a blunt is enough to prosecute somebody in Kansas….”

Tension builds between city and county leaders over marijuana ordinance

WICHITA — Tension is building between some leaders in the City of Wichita and Sedgwick County after the Wichita City Council voted Tuesday not to prosecute people who are caught with marijuana. While the district attorney’s office can control how many cases it will prosecute, Sheriff Jeff Easter says he anticipates a major influx in bookings… But criminal defense lawyer Dan Monnat says the system can handle the change, allowing the City to reallocate time and resources to other, more serious cases….