WICHITA, Kansas – Terry Loewen, the man accused by federal prosecutors of plotting to set off a car bomb at the Wichita airport, appeared in court Tuesday.

The government is seeking more time to try the case.

It was a brief hearing.

Loewen smiled at his defense attorneys as he entered the courtroom, but the defendant who investigators are calling a domestic terrorist did not speak a word during the 15 minute hearing.

The judge, Kenneth Gale, will allow this case to move forward under the complex classification, an exemption that is usually granted when there are circumstances that will likely force the case to take longer than required by law.

Attorneys for the government told the judge there is a significant amount of evidence that needs to be classified, and it can only be declassified by a high ranking department head in Washington D.C.

The judge wants to see all of the evidence that will be presented in this trial in 30 days, which is the standard deadline in traditional cases, and under normal circumstances the trial needs to be wrapped up in fewer than 70 days.

“Here the government is saying that it conducted such an extensive, intensive, complex sting against this former United States marine and long-time Wichita aircraft worker that it can’t even turn over all of its evidence within 120 days of arraignment,” said Attorney Dan Monnat. “Thus, the case should be called complex, and the government excused from the usual legal deadlines.”

The judge admits the case will take longer than expected and wants a status hearing every 30 days until the trial.

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KSNW TV – by Brian Miller