WICHITA – Wichita police say a 16-year-old robbery suspect died after being shot by an armed citizen during a robbery at a south Wichita convenience store on Friday.

It happened around 2:45 p.m. the B&H Fast Trip on south Seneca.

Police say four males walked into the store and demanded money at gunpoint. A customer in the store was also robbed before pulling out his own firearm and shooting toward the suspects, killing the teen.

The other suspects fled the scene and police are still looking for them.

Employees at a nearby business that was open when the robbery took place said the situation was scary so close to home. Employees at the Fantastic Sams hair salon located right next door to the convenience store said all the commotion made for some frightening moments.

“First I was like what’s going on, then I heard lock the door, lock the door so I ran back there and I locked the door,” said Charlotte Ann, Fantastic Sams employee.

Charlotte Ann was busy working at the hair salon Friday when the B&H Fast Trip next door got robbed by four armed suspects.

“It was kinda scary though at first seeing all those cop cars kind of piling in,” said Ann. “Didn’t know what was going on just kind of worried about the people’s safety next door too. ”

A convenience store Ann says she and her coworkers visit often.

“We didn’t know them personally, but we know them as business partners kinda like we go get snacks over there like what if one of us was over there that’s just kind of terrifying,” said Ann.

Police say an armed 42-year-old male customer fired several shots at the four suspects hitting the teen. The 16-year-old suspect later died.

Under Kansas law a person is justified in standing their ground if the person believes deadly force is needed to prevent death or harm to themselves or someone else.

“If a person is justified in using force in that fashion the person under Kansas law is immune from prosecution,” said attorney Dan Monnat.

“That’s just kind of something scary, you don’t picture something like that actually happening until you actually see it happen,” said Ann.

The investigation is still ongoing. If you have information, you are asked to call crime stoppers at 267-2111.

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