WICHITA, Kan. (KSNW) – Released without prejudice.

The stepmother of Lucas Hernandez walked out of the Sedgwick County Jail again. This, after District Attorney Marc Bennett announced he wouldn’t be filing charges against Emily Glass yet.

Many in the community left with questions.

“I don’t find why they released her. It is like a joke,” says Candace Gallegos-Serna, who stood in protest of the release.

Sunglasses on, head down, and surrounded by family, Glass walked out of the jail.

“No charges are being filed today as we continue to follow up on newly developed leads,” explains District Attorney Marc Bennett.

“In Sedgwick County, we have diligent law enforcement officers and a wise and cautious district attorney,” adds Defense Attorney Dan Monnat.

By law, if you don’t charge someone within 72 hours of arresting them, they have to be released.

Monnat says he believes that Bennett is waiting for the autopsy and toxicology report before jumping to conclusions.

“They have to be able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the child died of criminal means rather than natural causes,” says Monnat.

“How are you going to know exactly where the body is?” asks Gallegos-Serna.

A question asked by man after police arrested Glass a few hours after finding Lucas’s body, saying it was Glass who led a private investigator to exactly where the body was.

Monnat says that isn’t proof of anything.

“I think it is dangerous to leap to conclusions about the allegation that a person supposedly led a private investigator to the child’s body, and, therefore, the person is guilty,” says Monnat. “That sounds like speculation.”

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