Merrick Garland hasn’t exactly had resounding support as President Obama’s Supreme Court nominee, but Wichita’s Dan Monnat has had a nice plug for the job.

The attorney’s former law professor, retired Creighton University professor Richard Shugrue, wrote an article about the selection process for Omaha’s Daily Record, a legal and business news publication. In it, he decried the lack of non Ivy League nominees to the court through the years.

Shugrue argues that lawyers in the Northwest and Midwest “are every bit as good as the people usually considered for the high court,” though they may lack “pull” in the nation’s capital.

One of those people, he writes, is “… Dan Monnat in Wichita, the fabled trial attorney who graduated from Creighton 40 years ago.”

A modest Monnat says, “I thought that fabled was grandiose, but I was honored that he remembered me.”

He also says he’s open to the job.

“Of course. It’s the greatest legal job you could possibly have in the United States.”

Is he qualified?

“Well, that’s a completely different question,” Monnat says, adding, “Though I don’t think Professor Shugrue is nominating Dan Monnat to the United States Supreme Court.”

He says the point his former professor is making is that if certain nominees had gone to Creighton or a Kansas school, “They’d probably still be just as worthy.”

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