WICHITA, Kan. More than a week since the remains of a 3-year-old boy were found inside a concrete structure in a south Wichita home, many questions surround the case.

Wichita police positively identified Evan Brewer’s remains through DNA this week, but have not made any arrests in this case and no charges have been filed.

We know Evan lived with his mother and her boyfriend in the home where police found his remains. The two arrested on charges related to the custody battle for Evan, but when it comes to his death, there’s no indication on when an arrest could be made.

“Likely there’s an autopsy involved here to determine whether or not the child died of natural causes or criminal means,” attorney Dan Monnat says.

Monnat says those results can take awhile and could point investigators in a different direction when determining who put Evan in the concrete structure.

“Generally, there are such crimes as failure to report the death of a child or improperly disposing of a body. But I suspect that in this case, at this time, law enforcement officers are focused on much more serious charges,” Monnat says.

If police make an arrest in Evan’s death, Monnat says there’s no knowing how long it will take investigators to present the case to the Sedgwick County district attorney.

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