Legislators Reviewing Law That Has Tiller In Court

“This is just another attempt to dredge up the dismissed case peddled by Phill Kline,” said attorney Dan Monnat. “Dr. Tiller has fought for years to protect the privacy of the women’s medical files. It’s sad that once again, these women have to continue to wonder whether the content of their files is going to be exploited for political gain.”

Morrison: 15 Tiller Charges Meritless

“His depiction of this is false, and it sounds like the law firm of Tiller, Monnat and Morrison has been working overtime,” Kline said.

“It sounds like they spent more time investigating me than anybody else.”

Morrison Clears Overland Park Clinic

Tiller’s attorney, Dan Monnat, said the letter to Planned Parenthood shows “Morrison is conducting an objective, separate and professional investigation” of the two clinics, rather than a single investigation.

Monnat said Tiller follows all laws regarding late-term abortions.

Doctor: Abortions Opposed State Law

“Reports that a hired gun witness retained by Phill Kline is discussing the contents of subpoenaed abortion-patient records is highly disturbing,” said the statement by lawyers Lee Thompson and Dan Monnat.

Legislators Seek Reinstatement Of Tiller Charges

One of Tiller’s lawyers, Dan Monnat, said of the legislators’ letter: “Dr. Tiller is innocent of any wrongdoing. We always said that Dr. Tiller would cooperate with professional prosecutors who don’t have some skewed political agenda, and he has done and will do that. On the other hand, it’s important that the different branches of government maintain their independence and that the Legislature not try to coerce a political prosecution.”

D.A.: Tiller Properly Reported Abortions

Tiller’s lawyers Dan Monnat and Lee Thompson said Wednesday that Foulston’s investigation helps show what they’ve said all along: The doctor has not broken any laws.

“Ms. Foulston’s thorough investigation,” Monnat said, “has now made it clear that, in fact, child rapists are behind bars because of Dr. Tiller’s strict compliance with the letter of the reporting laws and his cooperation with law enforcement authorities in several states.”

Tiller Charges Sought Again

Foulston spokeswoman Georgia Cole said the district attorney had not seen McKinney’s filing. Nor had Dan Monnat, a Wichita attorney representing Tiller.

“We’re not surprised that the publicity stunts of the AG and his so-called independent, so-called special prosecutor continue up to the very last minute of the attorney general’s tenure,” Monnat said. “From a legal standpoint, these recent stunts are nothing more than legal floundering on their point.”

Battle Of Attorneys Clouds Sex Crime Issue

Sedgwick County District Judge Paul Clark found Thursday that Foulston had legal authority to dismiss the charges Kline filed.

Tiller’s attorney, Dan Monnat, said Tiller is “an innocent man unfairly maligned by Kline.”

Tiller Prosecutor Won’t Respond To ‘Posturing’

But Tiller’s attorneys argue that Kline isn’t capable of fairly evaluating evidence involving Tiller, given his anti-abortion politics. One of them, Dan Monnat, of Wichita, called McKinney “a former Kline campaigner and anti-abortion activist.”

Morrison Won’t Keep Kline’s Prosecutor On Tiller Case

But Dan Monnat, a Wichita attorney representing Tiller, said Thursday that the special prosecutor’s background shows Kline isn’t conducting a fair inquiry.

“I would say no effort was made to find an independent prosecutor,” Monnat said.