Ruling Clears Way To Begin Tiller Trial

Dan Monnat, one of the lawyers who represents Tiller, said he expects arguments to continue over the abortion records from Tiller’s Women’s Health Care Services clinic, which led to the charges.

Judge Rules Case Against Tiller Can Proceed

A trial date for George Tiller will likely be set Tuesday, his lawyers said today, after a judge refused to dismiss 19 misdemeanor charges against the Wichita abortion provider.

But lawyer Dan Monnat said this afternoon that any trial would follow hearings over the legality of how the Kansas Attorney General’s Office obtained the women’s abortion records from Tiller’s clinic that led to the charges against him.

Tiller Grand Jury Awaiting Files

Dan Monnat, one of the attorneys representing Tiller, said redacting the medical records is a “time-consuming process” for the law offices and the clinic.

“We are not trying to run out the clock,” Monnat said. “We are trying to timely comply with the court’s order while at the same time guaranteeing the privacy of the patients to the degree permitted by the court’s orders.”

Grand Jury Doesn’t Charge Tiller

Dan Monnat, a lawyer on Tiller’s legal team, said the repeated attempts against Tiller ultimately cost the public.

“It’s unfortunate for the taxpayers of the state of Kansas who again and again have to endure the expense of these investigations over someone else’s political agenda,” he said.

Kansas’ Grand Jury Law Comes Under Fire

Dan Monnat, a Wichita lawyer representing Tiller, said the Wichita grand jury went too far in January when it subpoenaed five years’ worth of clinic records for 2,000 women who had sought abortions after their 21st week of pregnancy.

Supreme Court Sets Subpoena Hearing Date

“We are very pleased that the highest court of the state views the privacy rights of women patients so protectively as to undertake a careful examination of the important issues involved,” said Dan Monnat, one of the attorneys representing the clinic.

Six Asks Court To Quash Tiller-Related Subpoenas

Dan Monnat, a Wichita attorney, said Six’s request to the Supreme Court is encouraging.

“Dr. Tiller’s foremost concern is always protection of his patients,” Monnat said in a statement. “Dr. Tiller is pleased to hear the voice of the top law enforcement officer in the state join in his call for protection of patient privacy.”

High Court Postpones Subpoena On Tiller

“Dr. Tiller is very pleased that 2,000 distraught women and girls will sleep much better tonight knowing that the Chief Justice of the Kansas Supreme Court has halted the grand jury’s unsupervised prying into their medical files,” said Dan Monnat, a lawyer representing Tiller.

Tiller’s Lawyers Appeal; No Records Turned Over

A noon deadline passed Thursday, and a grand jury received nothing from abortion provider George Tiller. Instead, his lawyers rushed to appeal to the Kansas Supreme Court an order to surrender the medical records of 2,000 women.

And they sought and received another hearing this morning to seek further privacy protections in Sedgwick County District Court.