For months, the disappearance of Lucas Hernandez has been on the minds of many in this community, including criminal defense attorney Dan Monnat.

“Speculation in these cases is always to be avoided. Science and medicine will tell us the manner in which Lucas Hernandez died, whether that’s by criminal means or by natural causes or accident,” said Monnat.

In this case, Monnat said to stick with the facts:

February 17 at 6:14 p.m., Emily Glass called police and reported her boyfriend’s five-year-old son missing from their home in the 600 block of South Edgemoor, in southeast Wichita. She told police that she last saw Lucas that afternoon when she took a nap at their home.

February 21, Emily Glass was arrested. She was eventually charged with one count of child endangerment regarding her one-year-old daughter.

May 16, Emily Glass was found not guilty in the child endangerment case and was released from jail.

May 24, Emily Glass led a private investigator Lucas’ body under a bridge in Harvey County. She was arrested and booked for felony obstruction of justice.

May 30, Emily Glass was released from jail. The district attorney announced that no charges would be filed “while investigators continue to follow up on newly developed leads and await the results of forensic examinations.” The statement also stated, “The autopsy report in particular, will not be final until the result of the toxicology exam is complete.”

June 8 at 1:38 a.m., Emily Glass is found dead inside the South Edgemoor house. Officers found a rifle near her feet, and three suicide notes in the house.

“Some may regard the suicide of Emily Glass as permitting some kind of inference of guilt. But again, thorough law enforcement investigation, medicine and science will tell us what really happened; speculation never will,” said Monnat.

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