WICHITA, Kan. – A criminal case against Wichita Police Officer Marlon Woolcock has been closed. Although accused of rape and arrested, the officer was never charged with the crime. An arrest, “is more than a hunch,” explains KAKE Legal Expert Dan Monnat, “but it’s not much more than a possibility or a suspicion.”

Forensic evidence from the case was tested by the Forensic Science Center, and based upon those results there was no corroborative evidence to prove the charge of rape, so the case has been dismissed according to Sherriff Jeff Easter, whose department handled the investigation.

Monnat says, “When you’ve got that kind of he-said, she-said story, and there is no corroborating evidence, this law enforcement officer has been exonerated. He did not commit a crime.

“It is the duty of the District Attorney, and the media who broadcast that officer’s arrest, to make it clear to the public this individual is innocent, he has been exonerated, he did not commit a crime,” Monnat said.

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