WELLINGTON, Kan. – A Wellington mother accused of brutally murdering her 10-year-old son, made an appearance in court Thursday regarding her competency.

Lindsey Nicole Blansett is charged with first-degree murder in the death of her son, Caleb, in December of 2014. She has been awaiting a mental evaluation at Larned State Hospital. A motion was filed on January 8 for Blansett’s mental evaluation, but that evaluation has not yet taken place.

“They do not yet have bed space available for her,” said Sumner County Attorney, Kerwin Spencer. “She’s on the waiting list.”

The county attorney hopes that, because of the severity of the crime, Blansett will be moved up on the waiting list, in an effort to complete her mental evaluation sooner.

“If they don’t give her case any priority, it’ll be at least 45 days [before she is sent to Larned],” said Spencer. “I would think that her case would take some precedent over say, a burglary case.”

Until Blansett is sent to Larned, she will remain behind bars in the Sumner Co. Jail.

Her next court appearance is scheduled for March 26 at 1:30 p.m.

KSN reached out to officials with the Kansas Department for Aging and Disability Services, or KDADS.

Officials tell KSN that they are aware of Blansett’s case and that she will be sent to Larned “as soon as possible.” The hope is Blansett will be admitted within three weeks.

Larned reportedly has 200 beds. 180 of them are for men, but only 20 are designated for women. With so few beds, Blansett will have to wait for the hospital to evaluate those individuals before she can be seen.

KSNW TV – By Brittany Glas

WICHITA – There’s a new push by Kansas college students to flag students kicked out of school for things like sexual assault.

Student government groups from WSU and six other state schools are hoping to convince the Board of Regents to require student transcripts to track what kind of behavior led to suspension or expulsion making everyone more aware of any potential safety threats on college campuses.

“This year, national headlines have been focused on sexual assault and what universities can do to prevent that and create a better, safer environment,” said Matthew Conklin, WSU Student Body President.

For the Student Advisory Committee that includes disclosure of just what led to the student’s expulsion or suspension.

“It’s risk assessment, its risk management,” said Vice President of Student Affairs Dr. Wade Robinson. “For us it’s simply about knowing the background of the students and being fully informed about what they’re bringing to the campus.”

If approved the student’s transcript would make it clear why someone was punished for a non-academic violation, whether it was for sexual assault, threats, or violence.  It would also require written approval from the Chief of Student Affairs Officer at each school.

Defense Attorney Dan Monnat applauds the efforts being made, but says the better way to flag criminals is for universities to be pro-active in seeking criminal charges against suspects.

“That person will be required to register as a sex offender, something obviously more effective than requiring to be branded on a college transcript.” Monnat said.

For students like Conklin, he hopes this is the start of a much-needed discussion.

“We want to be proactive in Kansas, bringing this to the highest level of governance we can, and kind of set an example,” he said.

Right now the coalition of student governments is working to approve the resolution, so they can pass it on to the Board of Regents for their consideration

KSNW TV – By Lindsay Cobb

WICHITA, Kan. Dallas Cowboys running back and Wichita native Joseph Randle was arrested in Wichita earlier this week, police said.

Officers responded to a domestic violence call in the 700 block of South Main at about 3:00 a.m. Tuesday morning. Police said a 22-year-old woman reported she and Randle were arguing in a hotel room. The couple has a child together, and she told police she was at the hotel so Randle could see the child.

Officers found marijuana in the room, and issued a Notice to Appear citation to Randle. He was given a court date on a misdemeanor drug charge.

Randle denied to KAKE News Wednesday night domestic violence was part of the case. He also offered a short comment on Twitter, without referring to the case directly: “Back to the basics…. FAITH FAMILY & FOOTBALL.”

On Twitter, his NFL agent Erik Burkhardt wrote,

“Joseph Randle was NOT arrested. He was cited with a ticket, and the police officer then left his hotel room.”

“There was zero “violence” of any kind, domestic or otherwise. He was asking three people to exit his room who didn’t want to leave.

“It was loud. Cops were called. Ticket issued. People and officer left. He went to bed.”

Wichita Police also issued a response, saying it was an arrest:

“Recently some questions have been raised about the difference between a Notice to Appear (NTA) and an arrest. An NTA is basically a citation for a misdemeanor crime. It is technically an arrest and an arrest report is filled out but the person isn’t booked into jail. The person is released with an agreement to appear for a set court date. This helps reduce overcrowding and jail expenses. It is common practice for certain non-violent misdemeanor crimes such as shoplifting and possession of marijuana.

Randle, a former Southeast High standout, was previously arrested in October, 2014 for shoplifting underwear and cologne from a Dallas area mall.

A local attorney, Dan Monnat, says because Randle is an NFL star it’s easy for the public to make assumptions. “When an NFL player is involved, that we or the public, not leap to any conclusion that’s not justified by any evidence known to us.”

KAKE TV – By Monica Castro

WICHITA, Kansas – KSN is working to learn more about the investigation into the city’s most recent murder case.

Wichita Police confirmed Sabryna Guerrero-Newman, 23, was shot and killed on Friday.

The initial disturbance call, regarding the missing persons-turned-murder case, came in Friday at 8 a.m. Wichita police were asking for help from the public in locating Newman, her boyfriend, and her vehicle by 10 a.m.

Cell phone technology assists law enforcement in tracking suspects

It was only one hour later, around 11 a.m., that the now suspect in the case, 22-year-old Darnell Hall, had been taken into custody.

Approximately 2:45 p.m., Newman’s vehicle was discovered by police officers driving on I-35. Her vehicle was located near the intersection of 19th and Hydraulic. Newman’s body was found inside the vehicle.

KSN is asking questions about the quick investigation that led police to Hall Friday morning after receiving reports that cell phone technology helped Wichita Police in Friday’s investigation.

While WPD is not talking publicly about the specifics that led them to Darnell Hall Friday near the Dillon’s at the intersection of Edgemoor and Harry Street, we do know that cell phone technology has been helpful in several recent cases.

KSN’s Brittany Glas sat down with local legal experts to learn more about the GPS tracking technology.

“There are times when the police must act very, very swiftly in order to save a person. It’s a life or death situation,” said former Sedgwick Co. District Attorney Nola Foulston.

“It may be a lifesaver for them to track [him or] her GPS somehow,” she continued.

Lawfully using GPS technology, however, isn’t cut and dry when it comes to privacy laws.

“Fourth amendment reasonableness is always a balancing act between the citizen’s right to privacy and the community or law enforcement’s need for the information,” explained legal analyst, Dan Monnat.

Legal experts tell KSN News that acquiring a search warrant, is often considered the safest bet.

“When the district attorney looks at these kind of cases, we’re always going to look to, did you get a warrant?” said Foulston. “What are the circumstances under which this capture of information occurred?”

In general, Foulston says, when it comes to cell phone tracking measures, law enforcement should ideally obtain a search warrant.

KSN is still working to learn more about Darnell Hall’s specific case. However, because Hall has not yet been formally charged, the probable cause affidavit that outlines exactly what led to his arrest, has not been released.

Lt. James Espinoza with the Wichita Police Department said that charges in the case will be presented to the district attorney’s office either Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday morning.


Kidnapping victim from Texas rescued near Newton

On January 23, Newton Police said GPS technology was crucial in finding a kidnapped Austin, Texas woman. The victim’s family tracked her location through the GPS technology associated with her cell phone. That technology led authorities to mile marker 40 between Newton and Hesston.

The Newton Police Department, Hesston Police Department, along with the assistance of Harvey County Sheriff’s Office, successfully stopped the vehicle near Hesston on I-135.

Broken phone found at Fairmount scene linked to suspect

Cornell Antoine McNeal, 26, was charged with capital murder and rape of 36-year-old Wichita mother, Letitia Davis, in November in Fairmount Park. Two affidavits of probable cause were filed in the case; one before the death of Davis, and one after.

The documents show that investigators combed the area around the attack in Fairmount Park and seized part of a flip phone that was damaged. A detective then reportedly contacted Cricket Communications and found that the subscriber information connected to the phone came back to an address that Cornell McNeal had used.

KSN TV – By Brittany Glas