Motion Asks, What Happens To DNA?

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Monnat said he doesn’t know where Valadez’s DNA or DNA information may be now. “We’ve been given no direct assurances about it,” he said. “There is no reason to have that information unnecessarily in the hands of the government.”

His lawyer filed a motion Tuesday in Sedgwick County District Court seeking the return of a DNA sample and personal items seized from Valadez’s home after his Dec. 1 arrest.


Kline: Records Could ID Child Sexual Abusers

“Dr. Tiller has always consistently, carefully and appropriately followed the law in all respects,” read a statement released on Tiller’s behalf by Wichita lawyers Lee Thompson and Dan Monnat.

The lawyers pointed out that earlier this week Tiller complied with a Texas request for records, which they called “a legitimate inquiry…to more fully investigate a specific event.”


Valadez’s Lawyers: DNA Swab Was Illegal

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Dan Monnat said Tuesday “I don’t think you can lawfully kick down a citizen’s door to execute a warrant for a mouth swab for DNA the day you get the warrant,” Monnat said. “There’s no emergency. The DNA is not going to disappear.”


Man Cleared In BTK Case

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In a statement Friday night that Monnat said was approved by his client, Monnat said: “We don’t believe his name ever should have been connected to the BTK investigation….”


Judge backs lawyers’ withholding names

A federal judge in Wichita has sided with lawyers who claim it is unethical to comply with an Internal Revenue Service regulation that requires them to identify clients who pay fees in large sums of cash. Chief U.S. District Judge Patrick Kelly has issued an order suspending IRS attempts to force Daniel Monnat, a Wichita…


Judge removed in Vickridge beating case

David Dreier may avoid a prison sentence for the beating of Chris Brannan, who suffered a permanent brain injury. In a rare courthouse move, the ranking Sedgwick County District Court Judge has removed another judge from a pending criminal case because of accusations of bias. Judge Rebecca Pilshaw, the judge removed from the case, was…


Man acquitted of first-degree murder

Marcus Shanklin, 20, was charged with killing LaDon Boyd. Marcus Shanklin – facing life behind bars for a first-degree murder charge – on Thursday heard the news that gave him a start at a new life with his “Big Brother.” After nearly 16 hours of deliberations over three days, a Sedgwick County jury acquitted Shanklin,…


Federal judge acquits Guidry on most charges

Judge Monti Belot did, however, deny acquittal on her convictions on filing false statements on tax returns. A federal judge on Wednesday granted acquittal for Anita Guidry on 10 charges a jury deadlocked on earlier this week. In the ruling, Judge Monti Belot refused to acquit her on the three charges of filing false statements…


Bookstores won’t be indicted

Grand jury refuses to charge local sellers of Jock Sturges’ photo book of nude children A grand jury has declined to indict local bookstores for selling Jock Sturges’ photography books of nude children in provocative poses. The decision disappointed members of the Kansas Family Research Institute, a Christian group that had spent two years protesting…